Almost Finished

The project is coming to a close.  The finished project has 5 songs.  It is being mastered using Waveburner.

I have not posted in awhile due to another school project called the Ultimate Audio Book which is a series of plays. I was involved with designing and composing so I took a break from this project.

Most of the actual recording for this album was done prior to Thanksgiving and I have been mixing the last few weeks.

There were a few musicians I would like to credit for their help.  I am very glad that they were willing to come in and participate on this project.  I did not have specific directions for them most of the time.  I had them come in at different times and had them listen to the demo and see what ideas they had that would contribute to the music.  We then hit record and they played what they wanted, leaving it up to me to rearrange and manipulate the parts they gave me.

Lena Wilson- Vocals on tracks 1 and 3.

Spencer Karlovits- Bass on track 3.

Matt Bradley- Trumpet on tracks 3 and 4.

Uzi Mendez-Cello on track 5.  (This was later manipulated extensively and some notes were chopped up and used in a sampler at the beginning and end of the track.)

Jacob Schepers- Contributed the poem that is read throughout track 1.  More of his work can be found at