Reality Radio

Reality Radio,  Telling True Stories With Sound;  Biewen, John – Editor.

I first picked this book out of curiosity and for a good read.  I have realized it could go well with the project I work on for my documentary elective.  It could go many ways but could still gain from the information in this book.  Radio documentaries, or programs can include a extremely wide range of things.  It could be a collage of interviews, or samples of music, or sounds of an area or culture.

” I still can’t put my finger on it.  What about sound, about sound coming out of a radio that captures me ”  – pg. 36, The Kitchen Sisters

Radio to most brings to mind the traditional music dj.  Which in itself if is also a great medium and can be a collage of many ideas. What I am focusing on more is radio programs that give a message in a more abstract way?


“Radio is the perfect medium for diaries…A microphone is less intrusive than a video camera, so people can be more natural, more themselves”  Pg. 131 -Joe Richman

“The process of going through hours and hours of raw audio diary tapes is like mining for gold.  Ninty percent is junk, but then every so often there are magical moments that are completely unexpected.”  Pg. 130 -Joe Richman

“Good radio, like good theatre, is a collection of scenes that interweave voices and sounds through monologues and dialogues and soundscapes.  And beneath it all is the poetry that gets us closer to that elusive heartbeat we call truth.” Pg. 127 -Dmae Roberts

“People speak in poetic rhythm. You just have to listen for it and try to keep their form when you produce a piece.”  Pg. 119 Dmae Roberts

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