Tube Sounds and Musicians Project

This idea will most likely develop into the project for my documentary elective but may possibly tie into the main Critical Practice program.

Since I have arrived in London the thing that may have intrigued me the most is the London Underground transportation system.  Being a sound design major it struck me the somewhat unique sounds that the majority of Londoners hear on a regular basis.  I feel that if captured these sounds could be the base, or focus of a radio style documentary.  The sounds could provide setting and direction and form the skeleton of a story.  In radio, sounds that are identifiable help draw in the listener and get them involved in the story.  A possible contrasting topic focus could be the musicians that play in the tunnels connecting the platforms.    I would capture some of each players music as well as a short interview.  Originally I was under the impression that these players were voluntary and doing it on their own.  I  have learned that there is system of application and selection to get a license before they are able to play.   This is slightly less intriguing to me than random musicians choosing to play.  I am going to continue thinking of how to incorporate this idea.  An alternative to the music topic may be just talking to random passengers to assemble some sort of story or point.

Research on similar existing projects:

The Tube (2003 documentary)

Spoof Underground Announcements


Steve Reich – Different Trains


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