For Critical Practice, Unit 8: Describe, Analyse, Situate

Looking at my practice from what I have done in the past, for school at Michigan Technological University or outside, I would define myself in a  few different ways.  My degree is a BA in Sound Design.  I have worked on realized theatrical productions, I have composed for theatrical production, I have worked on designing environments and music for small animations and films.  I have worked on personal experimental sound pieces and experimental music compositions.  I have also experimented with design and composition on Sprouts, a game created for iphone by a small software company called Nimbus Garden.

Soulset by Anna Stasek

East of the Sun West of the Moon – MTU Visual and Performing Arts

Sound Design: 

Sound designer is an illusive term with different meaning:

“(1) “Sound designer” is an artist who are brought on staff during the planning stages of a film, along with the set and costume designers, and who do their own mixing. The sound designer works with the director to shape an overall, consistent soundtrack that exploits the expressive possibilities of the sound medium. 

The over all sound design is organically related to the narrative and thematic needs of the film, and has an integrity not possible if sound is divided among an entire bureaucracy. ”          – 

Sound Art:

Sound art is a diverse group of art practices that considers wide notions of soundlistening and hearing as its predominant focus. There are often distinct relationships forged between the visual and aural domains of art and perception by sound artists.

Like many genres of contemporary art, sound art is interdisciplinary in nature, or takes on hybrid forms. Sound art often engages with the subjects of acousticspsychoacousticselectronicsnoise music, audio media and technology (both analog and digital), found or environmental sound, explorations of the human body, sculpturefilm or video and an ever-expanding set of subjects that are part of the current discourse of contemporary art.”  -Wikipedia….