Sync or Swarm, Improvising Music in a Complex Age

Sync or Swarm is a book about musical improvisation rather than sound art or design, but I found a few elements that relate to all art.

” The thing I always come back to is Paul Klee’s description of drawing-taking a line for a walk.  I think of a solo saxophone as taking a note for a walk.  And we’ll see afterwards where we went rather than me leading you round a path I know well. ”  –Evan Parker, Pg. 36

Evan Parker is a jazz improv saxophone player.  I think this statement says a lot about music and art, and everything in between, including sound art and design.  When you are doing any creative project, it all comes down to how use elements or tools at your disposal, be that an instrument creating a melody and texture that pull a listener forward, or a sound, or paint on a canvas.  Many times we are working on a project where the end product is not defined, and the guidelines to get there are loose, as with musical improvisation.

“To be a creator requires operating in a shadowy boundary line between order and chaos.”        – John Briggs and David Peat on chaos theory.  -Pg. 83

“This kind of thing happens in improvisation.  Two things running concurrently in haphazard fashion suddenly synchronize autonomously and sling you forcibly into a new phase.”   –Cornelius Cardew  Pg. 69