CP Discussion from Blackboard

The Predicament II: Themes, questions

New technologies: does the use of new techs necessarily mean that the art work will be of general relevance, accessible to all etc? [Considering the fact that many new techs may be expensive, hard to operate, demand advanced skills].

Does new technology dictate the nature of the artwork’s communication?

Do we allow corporations too much control over our artistic and social expression?

It’s hard to experience anything without new techs at present. Getting a perspective is hard!

The late 19th-early C20th must have felt similar?

Is this a repetitive process- do we end up asking the same questions over and over again?

New techs: a way of returning to the idea of medium specificity? Do the new techs give rise to a widening or a narrowing effect?

In early C20th, artists move between media. However Art criticism tended to ignore this and focus on the idea of the specificity, the essence of the medium.

e.g. Greenberg’s avoidance of moving image and narrative work.

Is there an essence of video? [For e.g.]

Me: Is there an essence of Sound on its own

How integrated is the digital world and the artworld? Eg- using digital images for painting source. Ref. Photorealism, superrealism?

Ref. Adorno’s critique of ‘affirmative culture’: is this . Equally, for Greenberg the discussion was not just about aesthetics – it was about how art, politics and society interrelate.

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