Documentary Proposal

For this documentary I will try to capture the widely recognized sounds of the  London Underground and create a story(movement), mood, and setting with these sounds.  I want to emphasize certain elements that can be encountered in the london  underground and in a way, put them under a microscope with a microphone.   For example, when I’m riding on the train, the flipping of newspaper pages seems  routine for many people; or when someone is listening to music too loud on their headphones.  These small moments and movements could be interesting when put in the spotlight.  Originally, I was going to incorporate the buskers, but after inquiring at the stations,  I have found that I need permission to document the buskers.   They have not returned my emails giving me permission.   I may interview a few people who use the underground for some contrasting,  subjective views, and edit myself out so there will be some monologue layered throughout.   The goals and outcome for this project are flexible to allow leeway for setbacks or changes.

“The Film is the search”

“Some directors start from documentary and create fiction…others start from fiction  and make documentary”

Jean-Luc Godard,


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