Documentary Progress

Shot above shows that material is being collected.  The main issues now are how to edit down the material and what form the documentary should follow.  The goal being 30 minutes makes it difficult to go in a linear fashion through the lines on a sensible and realistic route.  I am dealing with the changes in perspective throughout and still keeping the listener engaged.

I want to showcase individual sounds from most of the lines if possible.  One way to do this is having a sequence where different lines fade in and out over short periods of time to give contrast and draw attention to the uniqueness some of the lines display.

Also, with the recent extensive closures on the weekends it is hard to get an interview with an individual praising the tube. I am getting a lot of frustration from people, which may give this documentary a one-sided view. I was trying to avoid this and keep to an objective balanced capturing of the network that connects london.


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