Live Noise Experiments

This is a series of performances done in the Media Project Space at Wimbledon.  The first was just Billy Paul Rousseau and myself creating banks of texture that evolved over time with varying tone and mood.

The second was Billy Paul Rousseau, Chris Hopkins, Rob Miles, and myself.  The sounds created in this event were higher in intensity and with faster progression as change happened more often with four people working at once.  Material ranged from computer generated synthetic sounds, vocal noises running through delays and effects, distorted YouTube clips and other audio samples.  This session was a bit of a collage of sound media and noise that made a unique form of music.



equipment and setup:

mixer and small pa from Wimbledon College

several laptops running through various pedals

microphones sent through effects chain

computer programs:  Reason, Logic, Density

tape decks/radios by Robert Miles

christmas lights….


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