Edgefest, at the Kerrytown Concert House


“…a blending of improvisational-avant jazz with the composers’ own artistic and cultural roots…”

I had the pleasure of working with a few very talented and unique groups this weekend at Ann Arbor’s Edgefest, held at the small but well used, Kerrytown Concert House. I worked the first and last days of the festival which contained performances from the Baars-Henneman Duo (Amsterdam), Jason Kao Hwang’s Edge Quartet, Wadada Leo Smith (performing an hour long version of Ten Freedom Summers)*, and Jaribu Shahid.



Also met a nice woman nicknamed Grandma Techno, who has photo-documented past Edge Festivals and will most likely be posting this years soon.



* – check this out it’s crazy.

137.5 Hz

Not so much musical or sound orientated but this is a drawing made in a park that I then scanned bits of and edited together in photoshop. It is entitled 137.5 Hz because I measured the size of the page the original drawing was done on with a tape that had inches and Hz(audio frequency measurement unit). The length of the image was equal to that of 137.5 Hz wavelength.