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Billy Paul Rousseau … Oliver Boulton … Truman (J.T. Garfield) … Jessie Yingying Gong … Torches (Steven Holmes) … Dea Occheitti … Alex Palma and Chloe Laban This is a short film adaptation of The Soundscape, which is a book written by R. Murray Schafer.The sound design and stock/filmed footage reflects many ideas from the … Continue reading

Discrete Class – Counter Hegemonic Release

This is my solo project of ambient and experimental electronic music. Some of the songs on this album were created in early 2010 and it has been a slow work in progress since. I have released some versions of a few of the songs on soundcloud in the past, but I wanted to get a good full length set of material to release to the world before the end of this year. It provides a sense of closure for me on the material instead of having it sitting on a hard-drive and revisited every now and then.

1: preponderant influence or authority over others : domination
2: the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group


released 12 December 2012
Album Artwork: Victoria Emanuela Pozyczka

Spencer Karlovits : Bass on Supernova Impostor
Uzi Mendez : Cello on Nautilus

Since the release yesterday I have been sending out some emails to smaller ambient electronic labels and blogs that review music of that genre with limited success. I though I would post some links to interesting site I found in the process.


-List of various labels in Michigan, most of which I had not heard of.


-List of various ambient labels around the world


– Rather unorganized but cool site with a lot of good music. One of the few sites that returned my email!


-Awesome blog of ambient electronic music, but also sound art, and various creative audio projects.

( http://disquiet.com/2012/08/23/christof-migone-ray-bradbury-nomorepotlucks/ also I posted a comment on this article covering Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles including a link to the audio book of the chapter, Ylla, which Nathan Prouty and I made in school awhile back)


-Another good ambient music blog.