Featuring Friends

Billy Paul Rousseau

Oliver Boulton

Mud and Rocks

Peckham manicure

Truman (J.T. Garfield)

Jessie Yingying Gong

Morning Amsterdam.

Am I Someone Else in My Private Life?

Dancing with Light.

Torches (Steven Holmes)

Dea Occheitti

Alex Palma and Chloe Laban

This is a short film adaptation of The Soundscape, which is a book written by R. Murray Schafer.The sound design and stock/filmed footage reflects many ideas from the book, including our relationship to sound, how it has changed over time, and what it can tell us about our society and future. Unlike most films, the audio was created first, and then the picture. The audio acts as the primary story telling tool in a sound design/song like fashion. The video suppliments this design and supports it in a different sense.

Yijing Li

The Light Particulars (Paul Kirby)

Matt Black featuring Victoria

Charis Mannes

Wattville (Matthew Evans)

Ben Bandt


Jim Cherewick

fork over your fruit keys.

Vesper Sparrows (Nolan Potter)

//A sound piece and interpretation of “Under Erasure” by Barrett Watten//

Caleb Tacoma

Zerstoren (Kris Thompson)

Double Phelix Recording Collective

(just check it out there is so much there)

Miroslava Bobeva 

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