Research Absorbed


1.  Audio Obscura, Greenlaw, Lavinia.  Attended Wednesday, 5 October 2011 at Saint Pancras Station London.

2. Anri Sala Exhibit, Serpentine Gallery.  Attended Monday, 10 October 2011 at the Serpentine Gallery.

3. London Sinfonietta Sonic Explorations 2:  South America and Britain,  Friday, 21 October 2011 at Kings Place.

4.  John Smith – Unusual Red Cardigan: Attended Saturday, 5 November at the Peer Gallery, Hoxton.

5.  AES Cutting Edge Research from Queen Mary, University of London:  Attended Tuesday, 8 November.

6. The Light and Shadow Salon: Listening:  Curated by The School of Sound, Presented by Larry Sider,  Attended Friday, 25 November at The Horse Hospital. 


1. Reality Radio,  Telling True Stories With Sound;  Biewen, John – Editor.

2. Sync or Swarm, Improvising Music in a Complex Age; Borgo, David.

3. Sound Art-Beyond Music, Between Categories.  Licht, Alan

4. Politics of Installation,   Groys, Boris.


Jean Painleve Documentaries,  shown at the Tate Modern.

Girl Chewing Gum – John Smith

Listen –  Film by Miroslav Sebestik


Wikipedia on the Underground

Underground History

Transport for London History Page


Contact Mics


Soundart Radio 102.5FM




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