Audio Diaries



I realize I have been neglecting this blog very badly. This post is to prove I have indeed still been recording various situations in stealth documentary mode and mashing them together. Most of this material is from various nooks and crannies of Detroit and the Ypsi/Ann Arbor region of Michigan.

John Smith: Unusual Red Cardigan

On  Saturday the 5th of November I traveled to Hoxton, London to the Peer gallery and witnessed John Smith’s exhibition of the Unusual Red Cardigan.  The event is a unique experience as the small gallery is very discrete and tucked away from the busier places of London.  I was buzzed into to an small, almost empty dark room with one other person watching Smith’s The Girl Chewing Gum.  The original short film from 1976 was layered over a more recent reshoot in color of the same topic and scene creating a very interesting collage of two films.  I think it can relate to my work in documentary and critical practice as it deals with everyday situations and  documents life in a very objective way.  This is similar to the way I am dealing with the tube.

“Acclaimed artist filmmaker and lifelong east Londoner John Smith will present a major new multi-media installation. His starting point is one of his best-known works, The Girl Chewing Gum, which he made as a student in 1976. Smith revisits this work, both in terms of its continuing legacy and also in a literal sense, filming the same street corner in Dalston 35 years on.  From this video work, Smith then leads us on a narrative journey that explores ideas around identity and anonymity – both his own (as perhaps underlined by the ubiquitousness of his name), and that of his two main protagonists, the girl who chews gum in his film and an on-line seller of his video containing this work.”


Sonic Explorations

London Sinfonietta – Sonic Explorations

Isambard Khroustaliov Obsolve
Adrian Moore Fields of Darkness and Light
Tim Souster Driftwood Cortege
Rodrigo Sigal Sonic Farfalla
Tim Souster Spectral
Natasha Barrett Liquid Crystal
Duncan MacLeod Diesis (world premiere)
Javier Alvarez Negro Fuego y Curzado

This was a night of some of the best live performances of electroacoustic music I have ever seen.

Expect more research on Tim Souster posted soon.

Anri Sala at the Serpentine Gallery

This exhibit featuring Anri Sala was extremely well put together and created a very immersive environment for the viewer.  The blend of the visuals and audio was incredible and the use of the space itself and creating movement and link the different rooms and works was inspirational.  I wish the gallery would have allowed photography as there was so much to capture.   The time that stoop out the most of the full our I was taking in this art was the trio between the live instrumentalist who would wander the spaces playing off the two recorded saxophones coming through the speakers.